Raw Footage
Zach thinks he's being hired to review footage for a new reality show but soon becomes an unwilling participant in a deadly, voyeuristic game that is being caught on camera by a maniac. WGA # 1641246
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Urban Comedy/Drama (Lightly Faith-Based)
Alexus is a Singer/Video Girl who is about to blow up in the music scene when she finds out she's pregnant because of a one night stand with a famous rapper. Will she decide to keep the baby or place it for adoption? WGA # 1683918
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The Happenstances at the Yellow County Community Swim and Racquet Club The Summer Before Last
Finalist in the Beverly Hills Film Festival Screenplay Competition.
Jonathan, a total loser who secretly lives in the guard house of the local community pool, must train a team of misfits, including a struggling artist with webbed toes, a timid teen with a concave chest, and the beautiful heiress of the Comfort Inn fortune, to win the Tri-County Relay Race and save the club from being run by a management company that only cares about money. WGA # 1332588
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The Legend of Preston Maxwell
Teen Comedy
Written by Peter Harmon, from a story by Peter Harmon and Disney Channel star Orlando Brown
An urban Ferris Bueller, Preston Maxwell is a energy drink drinking, Zom-berry cereal eating, video game playing nerd.  He's bullied by his little sister's boyfriend and has the hots for a girl who is way out of his league.  He's suspended for the day after a misunderstanding with the UFC fighter-esque principal and sent home.  A rumor starts that Preston flattened the hulking principal, and the gossip gets out of control.  Preston Maxwell becomes a legend, but isn't able to back up all the hype when the truth comes out. WGA # 1684390

Faith-based Drama
Co-written with Rick Bickerstaff
A faith based screenplay from Pastor Jones: Heavenly Voices and Walk By Faith 2: After The Honeymoon screenwriter Peter Harmon. 
Isaiah Jenkins, 20s, is in the throes of an affair with his sexy partner Officer Vanessa Hernandez, even sneaking away from his wife Joanna in the middle of the night to be with her.  Isaiah goes through a crisis of faith when he is shot on the job and Joanna discovers, as well as Isaiah's superiors in the police force, the truth about Isaiah's affair.
Isaiah, injured physically and spiritually, turns to man of God and fellow police officer Eddie Burnside, who helps Isaiah rebuild his faith in the Lord and find out if Joanna is truly the right woman for him. WGA # 1480926

Baseball's First Lady
Sports Drama/ Comedy
Co-written with veteran Major League Baseball Scout Phil Pote
Jacqueline "J.R." Raines, mid 30s, coaches softball at a Southern California high school.  Her grandfather Solomon "Salty" Raines, 70s, is a baseball scout for the Los Angeles Stars.  When Salty has a stroke and J.R. loses her summer job she takes his place and becomes the First Female Major League Baseball Scout.
Her early days as a scout are plagued by betrayal and self doubt, will she have what it takes to find the next big bat or hot hand?  Or will her male peers destroy her before she has a chance? WGA # 1454965 

Love Bites
Twilight meets Superbad, if Twilight didn't suck (no pun intended). Drake, your average teenage vampire, falls for Julia, the new human girl at Vincent Price High School. Julia's not looking for love, she's still having trouble adjusting to her new town, a monster friendly community in Pennsylvania. Even if they did hit it off, Julia's father, a monster-racist, would have a few things to say about his daughter dating "one of those bloodsuckers, or flesh eaters, whatever they do for fun." WGA # 1376156