#Pete30Before30 Wrap Up: Part 3

A few more of these, two days before my birthday. Scanning what is to come I see that I failed on a few of these, ugh.

14)    Have Some Class
I’m going to take a class in something I don’t know about: parkour, basket weaving, candlemaking?!  No, but something cool.

Since Ash and I had our second child during my 29th year we took a childbirth class with a doula as a refresher but I certainly learned new things. It was empowering and it led to an awesome birth experience (you can read our birth story here). And it's not like I'm taking a class in producing my audiobook right now but I am learning a ton as I'm doing it.

15)    It’s Time for the Percolator
I don’t know how to make coffee.  That, paired with not knowing how to work a multi-line phone is what made me a terrible production assistant, glad I’m (fingers crossed) past that stage in my career.  But I’m still going to learn how to make coffee.  Maybe I can take a coffee making class and kill two birds with one stone.

So I didn't learn how to make coffee BUT I learned that I am an iced coffee man. I would like to make my own cold brew at some point, but I haven't yet. This is sort of a fail but I definitely have enjoyed searching for the best cups of iced coffee, cold brews, etc.

16)    En-capsule-lating Our Lives
I can’t remember if I’ve ever done a time capsule, which means it wasn’t memorable if I have, but I know Christian hasn’t done one.  So we’re going to do one, or maybe a couple so we can bury them at his grandparents’ houses and dig them up in the future and laugh at how we used to have cell phones instead of the brain implants we’re all assigned at birth.
17)    Guilding the Petey
I’m going to join the Producer’s Guild solely for the end of the year screeners.  I mean, health care options, awesome panels, and such will be an added bonus, but yeah, just for the screeners.
18)    Be Preachy
I was asked to potentially officiate the wedding of a friend, I’m going to get ordained!  I’m not sure what this entails, I even had to Google ‘the guy at the wedding who says the stuff’ to even see that the correct word was officiate, so this is going to be a long process.

I did not do ANY of those three, and I have excuses, sort of. There's no excuse for the time capsule one, I should have done that but as far as the Producer's Guild we were saving money this year for when the baby came so I didn't feel like spending the money and time to join, but I do still want to do that. I also didn't get ordained because no one asked me to marry them, so I didn't have to, the jury is still out if I'll ever have to do that one.

19)    Fading In and Out
Going back to a similar theme as the seeing the classic movies goal, I’m a screenwriter and I seldom read screenplays, so I’m going to read (at least) 30 of them.  I’m in love with writing so I should check out what my peers and heroes are doing on their pages as well.

I didn't get to 30 screenplays, but this was an awesome one. Super educational and very fun. I hope the movies I read turn out being as good as the ones I imagined while reading them. The only movie that I've seen that I read the screenplay for through this was The Cabin In The Woods and man that was an enjoyable read.

20)    Cyberspace-lift
My website, www.PeterLHarmon.com (#Pete30Before30) needs to be redone (and it already sort of has, still some tweaks though.)

I actually fully did this! I have more ideas for the site too! A "Book Buzz" page where I have reviews and such, more blogs posts, etc etc. Stay tuned!

21)    Lose Weight
No, not like that!  Every time I travel with the fam we’re in the airport stressed, our bags are too heavy, it’s a whole ordeal that makes me hate traveling.  So I’m going to practice traveling light.  Maybe I can go on a trip with just a backpack full of essential clothing, we’ll see.

I didn't do too much traveling this year but when I did I tried this, especially during my quick trip to Maryland. However, now that we have two kids and a dog, I'm dreading our next flight... 

22)    Get Jumped
Thankfully I’ve never had to know how to jump start a car, but I’m going to learn now, it’s important probably.

OK, this is going to sound bad because I didn't do this one either (lay off alright, we have two kids!) BUT my car didn't start once this past year and I found out how to get quick service that's covered by my warranty and a guy comes with a battery box thing and starts the car in two seconds, so why risk me doing something wrong and blowing up my car when I can get the guy to come do it for free? That sounds smarter to me (but I know I sound like the worst...)

Let's go out on a high note tonight: 23)    Smile Like I Mean It
Because I had a cleft lip I’ve had difficult teeth that have required a lot of maintenance, and I kept up with it pretty well.  But over the past couple of years I stopped going to the dentist regularly because I work so much that I didn’t want to take off to go, and then I finally went earlier in the year and I had some work to do.  So, from now on I’m going to take care of this group of friends in my mouth that I call a smile.

I did this! Thank God for dental insurance, I put some money where my mouth is. AND I floss and brush twice a day and now I use mouthwash and I wear TWO retainers at night. I did the heck out of this one.

Phew, more coming soon!