#Pete30Before30 Wrap Up: The Final Countdown

24)    Media Multitask
In the past I’ve not watched a show or read a book because I was already involved with another show, book, etc.  But I want to multitask with my media.  Maybe I’ll be reading 3 books at a time, or I’ll toggle between “Breaking Bad” and “House of Cards”.  I think it’ll be good for me because sometimes I’m not feeling the particular single book I’m reading at the moment and then I won’t read for weeks, so now I’ll have a couple options to jump around to.

This is something I've incorporated into my life. I read a couple books, watched a couple shows, and even juggled a couple different projects at once. The big win of this item was finishing "Breaking Bad", I loved it and now I'm onto "Better Call Saul" and Ash and I just started "11.22.63" last night and we're even watching the show I last worked on "Child Genius". I'm reading a couple different books still and they satisfy different reading itches. So this was good.

25)    Throw Out the First Pitch
They say to love what loves you back, and Reality TV has been good to me.  I would love to be a full time television or feature film screenwriter, but until then, I should develop some reality TV pitches, so I’m going to do one.

I didn't do this one... I talked to some people about it but I got caught up with my book and developing ideas in that realm. Writing the book has been one of the most fun creative projects I've ever done, I'm going to try to nurture it. That said, I do love working on TV shows, meeting creative people, and having steady work. I'm currently looking for my next Story Producer gig, so if you hear of anything let me know!

TV ingredients 

TV ingredients 

26)    Man of a House
We already moved into our first single family home, so I kind of already crushed this one, BUT with a great house comes great responsibility, so I’m going to be on my house-game and get in some good practice for when Ash and I can buy our own house in the future.

Ash and I have taken care of our house, we're still here and we love it. It's a lot of work to keep it clean but it's so fun to have space and a yard, we're #blessed for sure. Shoutout to Ash's and my dad for coming through and fixing up a bunch of minor annoyances.

27)    Fresh Ink
I’m going to get a half-sleeve of tattoos before I turn 30, then I can always say it was something dumb I did in my twenties.  I won’t have that excuse next year, so I gotta get it done.

One reason I didn't do this one was because it wouldn't have been a good way to spend money with baby arriving. BUT also my tattoo artist died in a tragic motorcycle accident, I haven't looked for anyone else, I really liked him as a person and as an artist. He was from Virginia and loved dogs and fixing up motorcycles. He did some very meaningful tattoos for Ash and I and I was really sad to hear he had died so young and in such a violent way. So, not saying I'll never get another tattoo, there are many more that I want, but this past year was not the time.

If you have money to donate, besides considering Operation Smile, consider donating to rescuing pitbulls or motorcycle safety awareness, two causes that were close to his heart.

28)    Have a Spec-tacular year
I’m going to write a new TV spec script, which for those who don’t know, is one of the ways you get hired for a TV writing job.  I wrote one for “Up All Night” (you can read it here: http://tinyurl.com/UpAllNightSpec) a year or so ago, but that show was canceled, so even though it’s a good sample, it’s not a great sample.  I need a fresh one of an airing show.

Word on the street is that specs are out and original pilots are the way to go. Specs are now only relevant, it seems, to apply for the writing fellowships that happen every year (Nickelodeon, CBS, etc, etc). I've been concentrating my writing time on my next book and sketch comedy actually (hopefully some big stuff in the works on that front). I do think I should write a pilot script for The Happenstances... though, I could see it as a feature length movie OR an animated series!

The next King Of The Hill...??!?

The next King Of The Hill...??!?

29)    Paint the Town, Or At Least a Wall, Red… Or Some Other Color
I’ve never painted a wall either, so I’m going to do that.  Probably an accent wall in the aforementioned awesome house that we live in.

Yeah, nah... I did help (slightly) with the nursery and I've done some semi-handy stuff around the house, but I didn't paint a wall.

30)    Keep doing ME!
And also, hey, I’m not doing so bad being my damn self.  Remember the things I mentioned at the top: married, child, job, etc?  I’m doing a lot of things right and I’m super blessed.  I’m going to stay true to my work ethic and creativity and what makes me me and continue living live 100%.

Look, I didn't do several of the goals but I definitely did this last one. I have an awesome family and I worked a ton last year and wrote and worked out and did some new things. I'm making healthy choices. This was a fun exercise for sure. My 20s were crazy! I can't imagine what will happen in my 30s.

Also, I can't wait to stop having to tag #Pete30Before30 in my Instagram posts...