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“Full of wit, charm, hilarious one-liners and clever digressions, Peter Harmon’s Happenstances plays in a landscape of Americana reminiscent of John Hughes, but with tongue planted in cheek, pokes fun at familiar tropes and archetypical comedic characters while at the same time valuing all the elements enough to deliver a fresh and enjoyable summer read. Poppy - and full of pop-culture references that’ll have Millennials giggling out loud and sharing the text with their friends - Happenstances doesn’t take itself too seriously while still respecting its readers, resulting in the perfect poolside read (and not only because it takes place at a pool!)”
- Jason Stefaniak, award winning filmmaker


“A sheer wave of nostalgia hits me in Peter Harmon’s book... I am reminded of the pure joy of being a kid and figuring it out... Thank you Peter for taking me back to the good ole days! This is a book that I recommend to anyone looking for an endearing summer read.”
- Gabrielle Christian, actress/ activist


“Forget what you think you know about the perfect summer break and allow yourself to high-dive into the heartbreak, exhilaration, and sheer madness that’s waiting for you at the YCCSRC.
Peter Harmon’s charming storytelling will make you believe for the first time in your life that the jerk, babe, nerd and outcast can actually come together to fight in the name of justice -- and, even more surprisingly, make you catch your breath when you realize they might possibly stand a chance.”
- Jamie Petitto, writer and YouTube personality at Gurl.com

Summer is coming.

This summer my young adult novel The Happenstances at the Yellow County Community Swim and Racquet Club the Summer Before Last was published and released by Koehler Books.

 “Don’t worry, as long as I’m alive and raising h-e-double diving boards those rat bastards aren’t gonna touch us, trust me.  I love this place too much not to fight for it.” 
Set the summer before last around a series of happenstances at a community swim and racquet club in Yellow County, The Happenstances at the Yellow County Community Swim and Racquet Club the Summer Before Last is a bittersweet, nostalgic, but comic novella about a team of misfits, including a loser who secretly lives in the guard house of the club, a struggling artist with webbed toes, a timid teen with a concave chest, and the beautiful heiress of the Comfort Inn fortune.  They have to win the impending Tri-County Relay Race and save the club from being run by a management company that only cares about money.  The management company hires an opposing relay team of ringers including a girl with a prosthetic dorsal fin and a man named Carmichael Schmelps who looks suspiciously like a certain Olympic gold medalist. 


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